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As James Wallis once said: “Brevior vita est quam pro futumentibus negotium agendo.”

Or, in English: “Life is too short to deal with Fuckwits.”

I’ve ditched the Haloscan comments system on this blog, because I don’t want to have to deal with Anonymous Stalker Wank-fests. Blogger now offers its own comments software, which allows comments only from registered users. If you want to register, it’s free. Go to Blogger to sign up.

If you don’t want to register with Blogger, you can always comment over on The Phantom Zone, and I’ll be sure to see it…and that requires registration as well.

If you don’t want to do either, people that I care to hear from have my email address, and can reach me that way.

The reason that I’m doing this is so that any fuckhead wanting to continue their masturbatory stalking of me has to register with either Blogger (which has clear terms of service, and is more than willing to give your ass up if you violate it), or the Phantom Zone (which is run by friends of mine who will be more than happy to help me out as well).

Have a nice day.

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  1. Testing, testing. Just seeing if it works, which it appears to be doing quite nicely.

  2. Testing 2,4,6… Just seeing if these things recognize me as being logged in. I might just switch over to this from Haloscan myself…. as if anyone actually uses my comments option.

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