Got an email last night from the two writers who were producing the majority of material for GLORIANA, our forthcoming dark Elizabethan fantasy RPG. They’re backing out, due to time constraints from other projects and general life demands.

Well, shit.

At this point, I suppose that I could just re-schedule the project and pick up the slack myself (or with additional freelancers), but given the fact that they were the ones who originally brought the project to Adamant, it’s probably better to just cancel at this point, even though it means that the other stuff that’s already been written, and the artwork that I’ve gathered, was for naught.

Of course, this means that the next time somebody says to me “OH! You write games for a living? How fun!”….I’m gonna hafta smack ’em in the head with a brick. Fair warning.

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  1. &^(&^&^%*&^%*&%

    Gareth…I have no words. I’d love you to be able to raise this one and keep it going but I know it would be a pain. If I can help at all lemme know.

  2. That’s harsh, mate. :(

    I know we writers and editors get annoyed with publishers sometimes for all manner of reasons, but I get the impression that your situation as a publisher — with writers who completely flake on you — is also not unusual. Hope you hadn’t invested too much time and money in the project yet.

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