Tolkien-geek Moment. Please Forgive Me.

Was noodling around during lunch, and decided to translate my name into Sindarin, the language of Tolkien’s elves. Problem is, “Gareth” means different things, depending on who’s telling you (several languages are claimed as the root)…it could mean “gentle”, or “enclosure” or “long spear” or “strong spear” or “old man”, etc. So, I did a little digging around, found the one that sounded the coolest when translated (“long spear”), and, following the rules of Sindarin grammar, I translated it as “Annech.”

Then, using this great online transcriber (set output to PNG if you don’t have the fonts), I generated “Annech” in Tengwar (the runic alphabet of the Elves):

I like it. Pretty.

Yes, I’m a geek. Shut up.

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  1. Okeedoke. Your name is the dimuntive of the feminine form of Carl, so it means “little woman” (don’t hit me–it does!)

    There are several ways to translate “woman” into Sindarin, so I picked the one that specifically means an elven woman of the 3 houses….because, well….fae, duh.

    So, your name is “Dilthenadaneth”

    Go to the transcriber:

    Under “input”, type “Dilthenadaneth”. Under “output format”, select “Tengwar Sindarin” from the pulldown menu, and whatever font size you prefer, then click “PNG” (which will generate it as a graphic). Then hit the “transcribe” button.

  2. OK, this is far too cool for my own good. As in, not only do I want to go find my Tengwar name (I think it’s a safe bet there’s an Elvish word for “Hunter”), but now I want to abandon everything else I’m GMing or considering GMing to run a Second Age Middle Earth game.

    I’m far too easily led astray.

  3. Wow. That must be a sad group of uber geeks playing that game. I hope there is at least the “token guy” who really doesn’t know much about LOTR’s and jsut really wants to play a fun character. Perhaps one who flirts with waitresses and is commonly heard mumbling “Are jou eyeballing me?”

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