I’m…Dreaming…of a White…..THANKSGIVING??

Yeah–late to the party. Everybody and their dog have commented about the snow already.

“The storm will cut to the south, and the Topeka/Kansas City corridor should only see a trace of snow.” In your face, Mr. Plastic-grin WeatherPimp. Lawrence got hit with about 5-ish inches, judging from the view outside my office window. (said view being my front yard—have I mentioned how much I like working from home?) Pretty.

Finishing up some work today before (*gasp!*) actually taking the next four days off. I mean it–I asked to make sure that I don’t creep upstairs at any point and start doing “just a little bit” of work at any point in the next four days (That’s actually one of the drawbacks of working at home–it’s far too easy to never leave the office).

So, this weekend we’ll get started on the Stage show for the 2005 Festival season. We had two of our proposed cast back out on us–one wasn’t a surprise, honestly, but the other was a bit of a blow. We’ve contacted a replacement, and decided to pare down from 6 to 5, instead of finding another replacement. The show will probably be stronger with 5, now that I think about it. (Thanks to for the suggestion) We’ll be doing major rehearsal during the next couple of months, so that we can record an audition DVD in front of an audience (yes, we’ll need you folks to come) to send out to the various area Festivals. I can’t wait to get started.

4 Replies to “I’m…Dreaming…of a White…..THANKSGIVING??”

  1. Snow??? What’s that? We never see that stuff down here, except maybe a light dusting once every 15 years or so…

    I envy you the white winter landscape, but I don’t envy you the cold temps needed to produce said landscape! It’s still 60-something┬░ here!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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