• On this date in 1892, J.R.R. Tolkien was born, making today his Eleventy-third birthday. Thank you, Professor.
  • The new Duran Duran album, Astronaut, is really very good. ( got it for XMas, and I ripped a copy to my iTunes library, and have been listening to it all day today)
  • Big News: Guardians of Order has been crippled, and will most likely be going under. I cancelled a contract with them about a week and half ago…I’m more certain now that it was a good decision. I would not have enjoyed sitting as one of the low men on the debt-payment totem pole.

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  1. So I had to go down to check, and yes, it’s true. Twenty years ago I successfully foiled Lynda and Patty from opening and playing my sealed copy of the first Duran Duran album. I’t still sealed, virgin vinyl, and with a pricetag reading “Village Records: $7.49”

  2. Now, it seems that the GoO folks have put the smack-down on Jeff for posting that in his blog. The entry has been removed.

    Of course, it’s in their best interests to paint a happy picture, as they need to sell their upcoming releases–and gamers will be reluctant to buy “orphaned” product.

  3. Except for me, who will feel compelled to nab everything I’ve been vaguely meaning to buy over the years in case it becomes hard to find later on…damn, I really like GOO…

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