Gearing Up….

So Mike and I had our meeting with the E.D. yesterday, and it went phenominally well. We were expecting a long series of hoops to jump through, but Himself was so excited by the pitch we gave him that before we had even sat down for lunch, he was asking us for our preferences of stages at the site.

w00t, as the hip kids say.

We still need to perform the first 10 minutes of it during the auditions, so he can, in his words, “gauge groundling reactions”–and I suspect so that he can confirm that the performance is as good as the pitch was, but even through the cloud of pessimism through which I was viewing the entire proceedings, the whole thing very much had the ring of inevitability to it. Crossed fingers and all that.

We’re not actually doing the “Men of the Free Companies” concept that I had originally spoken of….we had two cast members flake, replaced them, and then had another two flake as well. Grr. Rather than go into this meeting pitching a show that I wasn’t 100% sure would come together, Mike, Laura and myself decided to go with a small (4-piece) show. We invited Kris to join as our fourth, and I dug up a pre-existing show that had run at the NJ Faire. I’m very pleased with the current group, and the show, quite simply, ROCKS ON TOAST.

The Men of the Free Companies are Dead….Long Live BARD’S BOUTS.

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