In December of this last year, Mediaweek reported that 99 percent of the complaints to the FCC that have led to the new fine structures, legislation moving through Congress regarding “decency”, etc., have been coming from the members of one conservative Christian media watchdog group: The Parent’s Television Council.

One group of puritanical fuckwits, attempting to dictate our culture….and succeeding, because of a sympathetic administration.

So, I figure, why not give ’em a taste of their own medicine?

Checking out the PTC website, I found their contact information. Including this phone number: 213.629.9255

Imagine what would happen if each of us decided to call that number, once a day, and politely request that they stop their efforts to move our nation further down the road to Theocracy.

Now imagine that this became a meme….spreading via the internet to thousands of people, all of whom called, once a day…..

It’s gotta start somewhere, people.

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