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Another week, another entry (and another attempt to type this damn thing, since my browser crashed when I was almost done the first time):

This first track is one of ‘s favorites: The Propellerheads – “Velvet Pants” is from their first-and-only full-length album, decksanddrumsandrockandroll, which is probably best known for their collaboration with Shirley Bassey, “History Repeating.” This track is a sparkling bit of big-beat electronica, mixing lounge grooves with some late-60s found-sound spoken word by a ditzy girl who talks about her love of musicians with long hair and velvet pants.

Here’s a track I discovered recently: Hi-Posi – “Namidai Bouryoku” is a funky bit of Japanese pop. (EDIT: The site doesn’t like hot-linking, so just copy-and-paste the link.) Now, I’ll admit that, to me, Japanese music sounds like either yelling, hyperactive anime girls, or mournful, samurai-drama-end-credits balladeering. This is different, and I like it. The first thing that grabbed me is how danceable it is….my head was bobbing along as soon as the percussion kicked in. Good stuff.

Speaking of danceable, here’s my favorite track from German DJ Timo Maas’ first album of original recordings (rather than DJ mixes), Loud. On this album, several guest stars handled the vocal duties, and on this particular track, the vocals are courtesy of Kelis (of “Milkshake” fame). Mix in some theramin and some samples from the score of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, and you’ve got a spooky SF dance track. Timo Maas (feat. Kelis) – “Help Me”

I’m loving the revival of the New Wave sound by the indie bands that are coming out now. Take a listen to this: The Bravery – “An Honest Mistake”, and tell me that it doesn’t sound like the summer of 1983 all over again.

…or we could go back to 1973. For the Glam fans in the audience: The Sweet – “Blockbuster!”. Pass me the glitter and eyeliner! I’ve always loved this track, but it never gets as much attention as “Ballroom Blitz”…and aside from “Blitz”, The Sweet often gets passed over for coverage of Bowie, T.Rex, et. al. when people are discussing Glam.

I’ll finish up this week’s selections with another new track that I’ve been playing over and over since discovering it: Kasabian – “Club Foot”. The best way that I can describe their sound is as a mix of Oasis and Radiohead….and even that doesn’t get it quite right. Either way: I love this track, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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  1. Yum, Propellerheads. I still need to get that album. Been meaning to for a while. (Finally got a copy of some Zero7, by the way, thanks to a local friend of mine. Good stuff.)

  2. As a note, if you haven’t done it yet, you need to hear the rest of The Bravery’s cd…it’s pretty much all that good. :) And love Kasabian…just reading their name gets “Club Foot” stuck in my head. :)

  3. I just got The Bravery and the Kaiser Chiefs. Haven’t listened to the KC’s yet, but The Bravery is EXCELLENT. In fact I bought it because I had MTV on in the bedroom, heard an honest mistake, and had to come out of the bathroom to figure out who the hell it was.

  4. BTW…I have a Banghara mix of “Milkshake” by Kelis. You need to hear it. Clark loves it.

    and yes…I know I am going to hell for letting him listen to some of this stuff.

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