Audition Result

Looks like we’re being asked to audition again, this time with the whole show, because, apparently, the first 10 minutes didn’t give the audition panel “a clear enough idea of what they’re getting.”

Included were notes like: “Didn’t understand why the women were dressed as men, and were pretending to be men.”

No, I’m not kidding.

The audition panel for one of the largest RenFests in the country didn’t understand that women were not allowed on the Elizabethan stage….despite the fact that this was the subject of an Oscar-winning movie, and, even assuming that they had never seen “Shakespeare in Love”….WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT DURING OUR INTRO.

Not sure if we’re going to bother, actually—waiting to hear feedback from my fellow performers.

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  1. Grrrrr.

    Read here, we want you in the scenerio, so are going to try to discourage you from stage show?

    Or- we had our heads so filled with auditions that we can’t even remember stage shows because we were too busy trying to find the perfect Hunchback?

  2. You mean to tell me that medieval/renaissance recreationists can’t understand why women would dress as men for a stage production?

    Shoot them. Shoot them all. Claim self-defense for the species.

  3. Based on my own experiences of years of working with this entertainment staff (and feeling quite blessed that we don’t have to audition anymore), I am totally NOT surprised by this.

    Good luck with them.

  4. I hate the fact that I’m not surprised in the least by this turn of events…

    Just proves why I didn’t bother with normal cast last year…

  5. I have so many things I could say, many of which involve the phrase cocksucker, instead I’ll just quote Al.

    “I ain’t pissed off. I’m in fucking wonderment. I’m waiting to be kept happy by another fucking fairytale.”
    – Al Swearengen, listening to underlings, “Deadwood”

  6. Add me to the not surprised list. Sad to say but you have to find something you really enjoy doing at faire, and balance it against what you have to put up with. When the latter dips to far, time to reevaluate. I’ve been lucky enough to have several options for participation over the years, probably why I am still doing it.

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