Hell, yeah.

This is one of those entries where I share with you something near and dear to my geeky heart, but obscure, even by geek standards.

I just found this absolutely brilliant site:


It’s a blog that focuses on horror of the 1970s–specifically, the pulp paperbacks, comic books, and occasionally, films of the “horror boom” of the early-to-mid seventies. You know: pulpy paperback series, Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula, Hammer Films, fumetti (Italian adult comics), gonzo euro-horror films, etc.

He’s currently doing an entire month focused on Dracula stuff, so the blog has been briefly re-titled “The Groovy Age of Dracula.”

Needless to say, I LOVE this stuff….and the site is a real treasure-trove of information. It’s only been running since January, so check out the archives.

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  1. Neat. Marvel’s been collecting the Tomb of Horror in their Essential series of cheap black & white paperbacks. I’m quite enjoying it, so far.

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