I was at the advanced screening of Serenity last night in KC.

Spoiler-free review: WOW.

The entire time I was in the theatre, all I kept coming back to was the difference between what I was experiencing, and what I experienced during “Episode III”.

In this film, I actually *cared* about the characters, and what was happening.

I hope it does really well….but I’m not holding my breath. I’ll do my best to evangelize, but as Joss Whedon said in his special filmed intro (which MUST end up on the DVD…it’s way too good): This film has no stars, no huge budget, and no easily-communicated central dramatic premise. It’s a hard sell to Joe Random Moviegoer. “Chinese Space Western” doesn’t make a lot of sense to some folks, apparently. :)

Friday Music coming in a few hours. Right now, I’m off to grumble about being awake.

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