Just so fucking FRENCH….

…as Eddie Izzard once said. It really does apply sometimes, ya know?

Laura and I watched a DVD from Netflix last night: The French SF film IMMORTAL, which was never released in the US.

This is based on a French comic book, and boy oh boy does it ever feel like it. A mix of cyberpunk, new-wave SF and Egyptian myth. As I said after the film ended: I liked it, I think….it was visually stunning (a largely computer-animated film, with live-action actors mixed with CG characters, and live-action characters with CG heads (!)–amazing to look at), but the plot was…well, a bit “Buh?” The whole thing was SO very French.

Here’s the trailer for the film, if you want to take a look. (Oddly enough, despite being a French film, the movie was filmed in English…the trailer has French subtitles.)

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