To My SERENITY Players

OK, folks—

Here’s the deal: I want to make this an every-two-weeks kinda thing, which gives me time to come up with stuff.

As such, that means our second session is supposed to be this weekend. Now, we’ve got ‘s gathering on Saturday. So, either Friday night or Sunday is good for me. What about you?

Personal notes:

1) and : We’ll need to get together before we play to get some characters together for you. Start thinking of concepts. My plan is to bring you on board as passengers (ala Book, Simon and River), since that’s the easiest method. Let me know when you’re free to do write-ups, and we can get together this week. Shouldn’t take long at all, so I’m happy to drop by whenever.

2) : I had an idea: with a bi-weekly schedule, do you want to alternate with your D&D game?

3) , , and : I have something that I need you guys to fill out. It’s a cool character thing that will give me more ideas to screw you over with add to the campaign. It’s called a “3x3x3”, and is a sheet where you create concepts for Allies, Contacts and Enemies that your characters know, that I can stat up and use. Email me, and I’ll send you the PDF form.

4) Lastly—those of you with the “Moneyed Individual” trait: I need to know a reason why you bother to pull jobs in a Firefly, given that you’ve got plenty of money to keep it flying.