So, yeah. Veterans Day.

So of course, Bush addresses yet another friendly, hand-picked crowd of soliders, and uses his speech to attack his critics, accusing them of being “deeply irresponsible” for making accusations that he misled the country into war.

Same old Nixon-era shit: criticism “sends the wrong signal both to America’s enemy” and “demoralizes the troops.”

He’s even ballsier, claiming that critics are “making false charges” about the Administration.

Well, that’s all well and good.

Except for this little snippet, tucked away on the CNN site: CIA report questioned al Qaeda-Iraq ties

A CIA report from January 2003 raised doubts about a claim that al Qaeda sent operatives to Iraq to acquire chemical and biological weapons — assertions that were repeated later by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell to the United Nations in making the case for the invasion of Iraq a month later.

A Month Later

This, the Downing Street Memo……How much more proof do we fucking need?

Friday Music

Wow– that week just FLEW by.

Not a whole lot of stuff this week. I’ve been really busy

Here we go again:

Saw a nifty documentary the other night about Suicide Girls (the website and the burlesque tour), and there was some great music used. I had to hunt down one of the tracks immediately: Ima Robot – “STD Dance.”

This is one of the best uses of a vocoder that I’ve heard. Too often, vocoders are used to cover the fact that the singer can’t quite hit the tune, or for a cheesy effect (“Believe” by Cher, I’m looking in your direction), but this is…well, beautiful, actually. Imogen Heap – “Hide and Seek.”

One of my clearest memories of this song is dancing to it with at an industry party thrown by White Wolf at GenCon in 95 or 96. It starts out slow, but when the drums kick in…woof. Dead Can Dance – “Cantara.”

Speaking of , here’s another track for her, since she has said that she enjoys French hip-hop. This is from the French group 113, and, as usual, hip hop uses the music of the ghetto as its base…and in France, that means the music of the Middle-East and North Africa. 113 – “Tonton du bled.”

I recently discovered this group, which performs a mix of electro-pop-goth-stuff which I like. It’s pretty much “Hot Topic- the in-store playlist”, but an nice bit of work nonetheless: The Birthday Massacre – “Horror Show.”

One of my favorite tracks from Timo Maas’ album Loud, which I’ve posted from before. This time, he’s paired with UK-based female MC Chickaboo. I love her voice. This used to be one of my “commuting soundtracks” when I was working in NYC. Timo Maas (feat. MC Chickaboo) – “Shifter.” (EDIT: right-click, copy and paste the link instead of direct-clicking it)

One last link, which isn’t a music file…but will help you find new music. Pandora- a part of the Music Genome Project — I first heard about this on NPR. They’ve amassed a huge database, breaking music down into tempo, note progressions, tonal qualities, etc. Pandora asks you to enter a musical artist or song you like, and then will make suggestions of other stuff you might like…and tell you why. Very cool.