More meme-age, and a thought.

LJ info thingy:

1. My LJ username is gmskarka, because, duh, that’s my name. I’ve never been much for witty usernames, mostly because my online life has always been a facet of my chosen career, and so being easily identified was important. I have thought of changing that from time to time….if I was to change it, I would use “knightwriter.”

2. My journal title is “The Designer Monologues”, which is a play on “The Vagina Monologues” and the fact that I’m a game designer, suggested from a forum post by a few years back.

3. My journal’s subtitle is Thoughts and Ramblings from Writer/Game Designer Gareth-Michael Skarka….’cuz that’s what it is.

4. My friends’ page is titled “The World-Class Irregulars.” A long time ago, I started writing down notes for adventures of a Buckaroo-Banzai-esque modern pulp hero named Erasmus Quinn. Quinn, as is usual with these sorts of heroes, surrounds himself with a group of highly talented individuals, whom I named “The World-class Irregulars”, in reference to the Baker Street Irregulars of the Sherlock Holmes stories, and the fact that despite being “irregular” (in the “odd” meaning of the word), they are paragons in their own right (world-class). It seemed not only a nice hearkening back to something which I *still* might get back to writing (Quinn is the focus of my “Heroes of the New Wave” concept), but a pretty damned good description of my friends as well: World-class Irregulars.

5. My default userpic is a shot of me at KCRF 2005 taken by , which, apparently, is a damn sight sexier than I ever gave myself credit for….at least according to the comments it has generated.

and, a thought:

Reading ‘s post which mentioned her magical name has me thinking along those lines. I have a question for my like-minded friends: What does one do if your magical names were chosen when you were a teenager, and you no longer feel connected to them in any meaningful way? It seems somewhat cavalier to simply change them….at least without some kind of re-dedication. Thoughts?

Snow and Year-end Meme

Took a break from a very busy work day to go outside with the snow-day-recipient teenager and the dumbdog, to shovel the walk, the driveway, and to bound about and stick snout in the snow. (Well, the last bits were handled by the dumbdog, not by the teenager or myself). Gotta love it when it’s so cold that the snow is dry powder. Easy to shovel.

And now: The year in review.

Copy the first sentence of the first entry of each month for 2005. There’s your year.

“Remember when I said that Adamant Entertainment was having our best month ever, and had already doubled last month’s sales? Shamelessly horked from thedarkbear. Click the link, read the story, and get angry. Another edition for your eager little ears…..So, a guy I know was interested in doing the re-design of the website for my company, Adamant Entertainment. I can’t seem to kick whatever viral crud I brought back with me from Colorado. So, naturally, I’m nearly done finishing this week’s entry, and I accidentally close the wrong window, deleting the whole fucking thing. Heard from the Entertainment Director this morning. ¬†Game Industry ruminating to follow, click if you care. A few other writers on my friends list have done this; the idea is to post the opening lines of works in progress. So, not much in the way of Samhain-related activity yesterday…the_themiscyran and I did a burning ritual to rid ourselves of the stuff we want to get rid of during the coming year, but that’s about it. So, last night I decided to check back to see what I had written on LJ last year, which was amusing.”