Friday Music

It’s lunchtime on Friday….you know what that means….

Something to get the blood moving on a cold and snowy day: Brian Setzer Orchestra – “Jumpin’ East of Java” — go on, I dare ya not to move. Big band plus smoking rockabilly guitar? Yes, please!

Speaking of guitars…here’s another track from Robert Rodriguez’ “hobby-band”, Chingon. Like many of their songs, this takes a mariachi standard and rocks it up considerably: Chingon – “Cuka Rocka” On top of everything else, he’s a ridiculously talented guitarist as well. Why am I not surprised?

This is a very pretty re-working of a very good song. Former Men At Work frontman Colin Hay has been touring small clubs recently, doing accoustic sets. This is one of the songs he performs: Colin Hay – “Overkill (acoustic)”

To switch gears entirely, I’ll post this–my favorite song from the godfathers of goth, Bauhaus. No, it’s not the expected “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.” Bauhaus – “Dark Entries.” I used to play this song very loudly in my room, and make my parents worry. :)

Here’s a song from a new group that definitely has echoes of Bauhaus and other early-80s alternative bands. I heard this a few times on the radio, and it’s really growing on me: stellastar* – “Sweet Troubled Soul.”

Speaking of retro sounds from modern bands, here’s some absolutely perfect “androgynous space aliens” glam from Lawrence’s own Vibralux – “Single.”

One of the more famous bits of sample-based music, this track was given the blessing of Blue Note Records, the label who provided the source samples. You’ll recognize it. It’s been used in a lot of places, but even so, I really like it: Us3 – “Canteloop (Flip Fantasia)”

Lastly, another one of my own compositions. This one features some dialog samples that I think that some of you will appreciate. @nubis – “Litany.”

More next week.