Friday Music

First track this week is from a great album I picked up, entirely comprised of club remixes of Ennio Morricone soundtrack compositions. I put this particular track on the soundtrack mix CD that I use for my SERENITY RPG campaign as well: Ennio Morricone – “For A Few Dollars More (Terranova Remix)”

By request of a couple of folks (including my LJ-less brother, who reads this journal), here’s another one of my “@nubis” tracks. I love the samples that I used in this (especially the main hook that starts at 1:40), and it’s one of my favorites of my own work: @nubis – “Bootstompin'”

A little Funk, for those so inclined, to getcha ass movin’ on a Friday afternoon: Average White Band – “Pick Up The Pieces.” It’s a fairly famous instrumental, so most of you will recognize it, even if you aren’t familiar with the group or the name.

Along with Bright Eyes (who did the “Road to Joy” song that I posted a few weeks back), there is another male singer-songwriter who is very much the flavor-of-the-moment in the Indie crowd. I had seen various music blogs talking about him, but I hadn’t really listened until this week. This guy does some really, really beautiful songs….and I especially like this one: Sufjan Stevens – “Chicago.”

This song may strike some of you as a bit incongruous, coming from me, since it is, on it’s surface, a “Jesus song.” A friend of mine introduced me to it, and prefaced it with “ignore the title…give it a chance.” I did, and damned if this isn’t very nifty. It’s one of those creepy Appalachian-esque wailing tracks that sends shivers up your spine. Mindy Smith – “Come to Jesus.” Listen to the lyrics, and figure out why it gets seriously creepy with the last verse.

Here’s a track that I’ve been listening to quite a bit recently. Not much else to say about it, other than the fact that it makes me feel like dancing around my office, and that the bassline is very reminiscent of Norm Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky.” (Those of you at KU will probably have problems accessing this, since it’s hosted on a Russian server) Goldfrapp – “Ooh La La.”

In the late 90s, this song got more attention for its video and the Doctor Seuss-ian hats worn by the singer than for the quality of the album. I really love it…very much a turn-of-the-century take on classic soul and dance music, very much reminiscent of seventies-era Stevie Wonder (you know, back when he was good): Jamiroquai – “Virtual Insanity.”

Last track of the week is another new tune from a new group that I recently discovered. I expect to hear this break on the Buzz (local alterno-station, for those non-KC area folks reading this) any day now. The Sunshine Underground – “Put You In Your Place.”

Next week: The Dreaded Christmas-themed Friday Music….

King Kong Died For Your Sins

and I went to see “King Kong” last night.

It was very good, but not as great as I was expecting. Then again, I’m not sure that Jackson could follow “The Lord of the Rings” with anything without it feeling like a bit of a let-down.

In a lot of ways, I think that Jackson’s reverence for the original hampered him a bit…it felt like he was holding back making this film truly his, as if he didn’t want to attempt to eclipse the original. (Not saying that he could ever eclipse it, but this one felt at times like he didn’t want to try.)

He did change some things….some things I liked, and some I thought were cringe-worthy. (No spoilers here, though)

Structurally, he pretty much spends an hour on each of the three segments: In New York and on the Venture / On Skull Island / Back in New York for the rampage-and-Empire-State-Building finale. It did feel a little bit like the first hour needed trimming.

I still prefer the original….but this one was definitely better than the late 70s remake.