Even With Comedy Gold, Questions Arise…..

As a follow-up to the VP-Shoots-78-year-old-Man story:

Apparently, there was an 18-hour delay in the story being reported….and some other oddness as well.

This one certainly has some interested results on the “Clinton Test”, now doesn’t it?

(For those readers unaware– The Clinton Test: Imagine if the same story was being reported last decade, featuring members of the Clinton administration….and realize the shitstorm of controversy and scandal that would have been a central feature of the news cycle from that point forward. Congressional Republicans calling for Special Investigations, Right-wing talk radio and cable commentators making public accusations of criminal activity, etc.)

3 Replies to “Even With Comedy Gold, Questions Arise…..”

  1. Well, if Gore shot somebody, I’m pretty sure he’d have killed ’em. He is, after all, a 10th level vice-president. I imagine that comes with a decent BAB.

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