What Happens In Vegas……Should Happen In A Nicer Hotel.

Back from the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. Got a lot of work done, layed groundwork for many things (which I’ll go into in detail after ink is dry on contracts), saw old friends, made new ones.

The Riviera was ASS. Nuff said about that, since the place will no longer exist next year, as it’s scheduled for demolition….which it deserves.

Woke up on Thursday morning at around 8, worked through the last day of the show, spent the evening and night hanging out at the bar with lots of clever people, and headed to the airport at 4:00 a.m.. Flight was at 6. Flew to Denver, and then to K.C. Was picked up at the airport by (Thanks again!) and finally made it home. Stayed awake until about 7-ish, local time, because I wanted to re-set my internal clock by sleeping through the night and waking in the morning. By the time I crawled into bed, I had been awake for about 35 hours or so. Slept through until 10 this morning.

And now: Snapshots of the GAMA Trade Show, in the form of context-free quotes, heard during the show:

“I do books because I like seeing my work in print. I do PDF because I like MONEY.”

“Any business conversation that starts with ‘OK look, chucklehead…’ is not going to turn out well.”

“I’m collecting Hooker Cards! Check it out — I found the ultra-rare chase card: She offers a $35 Special!”

“I’m guessing that for 35 bucks, you toss off and she gives you a disdainful look.”

“I’m sure that standing around and not helping anyone has really taken it out of you. Go get a drink.”

“The Man, The Legend, The Force of Nature….”

“Please, no more Strawberry Daquiris.”

“Let me get this straight: Your target audience is made up of social misfits, and so you’re manning your booth with EXACTLY the sort of woman who intimidates the living shit out of them….that they’re afraid to talk to….and you’re thinking that’s going to draw them TO your booth?”

“Hang on, Bruce. Gotta go see a man about a dingo.”

….and many, many more.