State of the Gaming Industry

The most recent issue of Comics & Games Retailer, the sole trade magazine for the industry, arrived in the mail yesterday.

This is the “State of the Gaming Industry” issue — and I figured I’d post some summary and comment here, since if I do it at any of the usual gaming fora, I’ll be shouted down by wishful-thinking uninformed gamers, who seem to feel that any statement of how bad the industry is doing is somehow an attack on their very identity, and hence argue the contrary with all of the reasoned and logical thought that you’d expect from a Relgious Fundamentalist.

C&GR is flawed, to be sure, since it relies primarily on estimates based on a self-selecting sample, but, as I’ve said before, it’s the best thing we’ve got, and I’ve seen no major indications in my 10 years of reading it that it has ever been too far off the mark.

So, how’s the industry doing?

Game Industry Wonkery Behind the Cut — Be Warned.