Brilliant Essay

Read this —

Bush’s Trojan Christ, by Tom Gilroy.

“It used to be that Christians were known to all by their good deeds, but after almost four decades of the GOP’s cleaving the populace into warring sects to be manipulated at the polls, ‘being Christian’ is no longer defined by doing good deeds, it’s defined by an arrogant mission to tell others how they must live—who they can marry, who they can adopt, what they can say in public, what they must teach in schools—all the way down to what kind of medicine they should have access to.


By appealing to an ignorant fringe of assholes who codify their hatred behind a misuse of spirituality, the GOP is an embarrassment to not only truly devout Christians, but to the rational world at large.”

No-Talent Hack, Pissing In The Pool….

I thought about putting this in the official Adamant Entertainment livejournal, but no…..that wouldn’t be professional, I suppose.

The latest installment in the saga of Louis Porter, the no-talent, ethically-challenged rip-off motherfucker…..

But first, some backstory for those who came in late (links to earlier LJ posts from the past 6 months or so):

First: Porter announces that he’s going to “Take me on” by doing pulp-genre products.

Then: He starts to release his crap, and plays the race card.

Then: He implies that I am racist, for producing pulp-genre material.

Then: He gets booted from the largest PDF sales site, for being a scumbag.

Since then, I’ve pretty much ignored him. The loss of income from RPGNow probably puts him making somewhere around 15-20% of what he used to, so he literally became too insignificant to worry about. He still regularly buys my products, and I know it’s because he plans on ripping them off, but he’s so damned small now, it’s not worth getting bent about.

Recently, however, he’s started getting mouthy again.

He announced a pulp-genre release featuring King Kong and Skull Island….based on the fact that the Universal vs Nintendo lawsuit resulted in the ruling that it was in the public domain. Fair enough, right? Kudos to him.

Except….a little digging reveals that whereas the STORY is in the public domain, the character and name KING KONG is trademarked out the ass by Universal. Hence, just as is the case with public-domain stories like Burrough’s Barsoom novels, the trademarks prevent any derivative products from being legally developed. The story is public domain, the character is a branded trademark. This is the sort of thing that got him kicked from RPGNow….rip-offs and skirting the legal line.

Doesn’t have a thing to do with me, apart from yet another amateur wanker making all PDF publishers look ghetto.

However, in recent press releases, he’s taken swipes at my company (“Why would anyone want 32 pages of pulp product for 5 bucks?” for example — citing my usual adventure length and pricing)….and then today, I see the following banner ad at ENWorld:

A direct insult to my company (our Skull-island-inspired product is called “Dragon Island”).

Plus, and this is the cherry on top of the whole thing: Check out the image on the right-hand side of the banner. Then take a look at this official Universal promo image. Check out the right eye.

Rip-off. Again.

I really hope that this time, the other sites he sells at will wake up and bounce his ass. Unfortunately, ENWorld’s GameStore has, in the past, said that they don’t “police” the products they sell. As long as that sort of look-the-other-way policy continues, it will allow cunts like Porter to continue to make things worse for the entire industry, by giving us all the associated image of somehow being less than Real Publishers.