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Bush’s Trojan Christ, by Tom Gilroy.

“It used to be that Christians were known to all by their good deeds, but after almost four decades of the GOP’s cleaving the populace into warring sects to be manipulated at the polls, ‘being Christian’ is no longer defined by doing good deeds, it’s defined by an arrogant mission to tell others how they must live—who they can marry, who they can adopt, what they can say in public, what they must teach in schools—all the way down to what kind of medicine they should have access to.


By appealing to an ignorant fringe of assholes who codify their hatred behind a misuse of spirituality, the GOP is an embarrassment to not only truly devout Christians, but to the rational world at large.”

3 Replies to “Brilliant Essay”

  1. I’ve been using “well that’s very Christian of him/her” to sarcastically note when someone has really gone out of their way to be even slightly above and beyond the call of decent fucking humanity.


    I feel sorry for the very few and far between Good Christians (like my parents) out there. Sux to be them.

  2. Can I get an AMEN?!?!?

    Now if only those Christians who follow the herd rather than use their brains read this. Maybe the herd mentallity could be turned another direction.

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