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  1. My first and only experiences LARPing was in the UK. The college I was attending had a LARP Society – like Drama Club. In the winter, they did Vampire stuff, which was pretty fun on campus, but in the spring and summer… we trekked out to the wilderness and in the freezing cold (even though it was summer – I was in the moors, after all, right up in Northumberland by Scotland) I learned first hand that it is significantly more fun to LARP as an evil goblin than a poor, cold hero. Ahh… I was the only girl, too. The Only. Which amused me.

  2. I can’t decide if that’s freaking cool, or just comically hysterical. What *is* funny though, in that video I saw one dude get hit in the back about 7 times with an axe and he acted like nothing happened. Clearly he didn’t want to be the first one to die.

  3. That’d be Tiathakin, I think…. I reckon he would have had a basic 2 hits on his torso area for being human, plus 4 extra hits for the armour he was wearing, and he does finally fall over at the end of the video. :)

  4. Those are some impressive pics. My group wasn’t NEARLY that well-funded and organized. Wow.

    I’m very glad to hear there are more girls these days. I just didn’t get it. More girls came to the vampire stuff… and running around in the trees was *so* much more fun.

  5. I agree. And everthing anyone on my fl posted yesterday was in Quicktime. Including *sniff* the Superman preview.

    You should check out the pictures posted in an above comment. Amazing!

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