Casino Royale

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The teaser trailer for the new Bond movie, Casino Royale, is now available online.


  • With the black-and-white opening, for a second I thought they were making this a period piece.
  • M’s line about “I knew it was too early to promote you” makes it sound like it IS a period piece, of sorts….they’re revamping the character to the beginning of his Double-0 career.
  • I had thought they were going to darken his hair, but I guess not. No matter– after seeing Daniel Craig in “Layer Cake”, I’m confident he’ll be an excellent Bond.
  • M refers to Bond as a “blunt instrument.” Woo-hoo!!!
  • Lots of action shots. I suppose casino shots don’t make for an exciting trailer.

Could this be a “For Your Eyes Only”-esque move away from the gadget-laden superhero tone of the recent films? I really hope so. The teaser has me VERY hopeful.

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  1. It looks extremely solid. The reboot surprises me, but it seems to work pretty well. And the black & white sequences… Yes. Hopefully we’ve got the old Bond back at last…

  2. It looks more true to the written side of Bond.

    I was also interested to see what looked like Parkour in that teaser trailer, but someone beat me to detailing it in Wikipedia.

    The pre-title sequence in the upcoming James Bond film, Casino Royale, has been confirmed as a roof-top chase that implements many aspects of Parkour. Sebastien Foucan has been hired to perform the stunts for the character that James Bond will be chasing. The scene will be filmed in Nassau, Bahamas, but the Bahamas have been confirmed as doubling for Madagascar.

  3. I’ve been a big fan of Le Parkour for a while — I’ve even got a DVD of the cash-in-on-the-craze movie that Luc Besson made, Yamakasi.

  4. I thought the exact same thing.

    *crosses fingers*

    He may not be classically handsome, but Craig has magnetic charisma coming out his ears.

  5. He may not be classically handsome, but Craig has magnetic charisma coming out his ears.

    That’s pretty much the description of Bond that Fleming gives in the books.

  6. And is much more appropriate for an undercover agent.

    Although I’m certainly the last to complain about the opportunity to view Connery and Brosnan in the role. On the big screen. Multiple times. =D

  7. From what I’ve read Bond actually gets his double-O rating at the beginning of the film after his first two kills. This is definitely a complete reboot.

    Oh, and they are definitely using the carpet beater.

  8. I’ve always loved the Casino Royale novel… and, actually, I dig the wacky movie in a different sort of way (as an Austin Powers precursor).


  9. “He reminds me rather of Hoagy Carmichael, but there is something cold and ruthless….”

    – Vesper Lynd, Casino Royale

  10. Well, big screen eye candy is always welcome. Those are my favorites, too. This is just where my ‘movie viewer’ and ‘book snob’ roles clash.

  11. Yeah, it’s a series reboot, and no gadget-laden superhero stuff. Q isn’t even in the movie, which still bugs me, but I guess since the real Q is no more it’s not such a big deal.

  12. I, too, really loved the trailer. In fact, I have only one complaint about (what I know of) the movie so far.

    Judi Dench.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s fantastic as M. But the problem is, we’ve already seen Bond meet this version of M in a prior movie. If they’re doing a true “reboot,” I feel that, much as I like her, every part should have been recast. Dench’s M is part of the prior continuity.

    But that’s just nitpicking, really. :-)

  13. That was my first reaction too. But really, if seeing Judi Dench act is my only complaint, it’s going to be a pretty damn good film.

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