CIA Director Resigns

CIA Director Porter Goss resigned unexpectedly today.

The media is reporting this as part of the whole “administration shake-up” thing. But there’s more going on here.

The former Republican Congressman from Florida, Porter Goss’s name has surfaced time and time again in the Republican bribery scandal, which began with an investigation into now-convicted Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham and his lobbyists. That investigation spread to the CIA, where Goss’s hand-picked #3 man at the CIA, Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, has now fallen under serious investigation in connection with a massive bribery scheme that touches on multi-million dollar contracts that may have been improperly awarded, private Poker parties…and hookers.

Yes, hookers. The FBI is currently investigating two defense contractors who allegedly provided lawmakers (in return for awarded contracts) free limousine service, free stays at hotel suites at the Watergate and the Westin Grand, and free prostitutes.

In the article that I just linked, journalist Ken Silverstein says: “I’ve learned from a well-connected source that those under intense scrutiny by the FBI are current and former lawmakers on Defense and Intelligence comittees — including one person who now holds a powerful intelligence post.”

…and who is a former lawmaker on the Intelligence comittee who “now holds a powerful intelligence post?”

That’s right. Porter Goss. Who resigned today, “unexpectedly.”

I would love for the media to actually start to do their jobs with this…..I mean after all, it’s got scandal, it’s got sex….the American public might actually pay attention.

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