WHO wins BAFTA Awards

Doctor Who won three awards at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards last night:

  • Best Drama Series
  • The Pioneer Audience Award for best television programme of 2005
  • …and Russell T Davies won the Dennis Potter Award for outstanding writing for television.

From the red carpet– Billie Piper with 10th Doctor David Tennant in a formal kilt:

5 Replies to “WHO wins BAFTA Awards”

  1. My mother’s best friend through University lived with a Dalek.

    Her father was responsable for bringing the old Dr Who series to Canadian TV, and one of the items they had around the house was an honest-to-goodness Dalek.

    I am still jealous.

  2. I’m glad they won, as I really like this show. I do have to say that Billie Piper looks a lot better as a brunette. I wish she hadn’t dyed her hair.

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