It’s official — I’m a sucker.

He gets me to meet with him, because he says he wants to talk, and he’s afraid that he’s burned his bridges.

Like a fool, I say yes.

He tells his side of things, and appeals to my better nature. Appeals to my friendship. Calls me brother.

Like a fool, I say “if there’s anything you need, let me know. I’m here.”

That was 22 days ago.

Not a word since.

Any news I’ve had, I’ve gotten from other people. He’s moving, apparently. Supposedly to West Virginia. Or so I’ve heard.

But not from him.

Yeah, “brother.”

I’m a sucker.

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  1. Having hope in the better parts of a human’s nature doesn’t make you a sucker. It makes you a good friend.

    It isn’t your fault your hope appears to have been misplaced. I know that doesn’t really make it feel any better.

  2. I would hope that you would look at it from the perspective that one of the two individuals involved actually has a heart.

    Frankly, I’m heartened that it’s you.


  3. I do not believe this is the definition of being a sucker. It’s called, being hurt.

    And I am sorry you are hurt.

  4. You’re not a sucker. The word is friend. You didn’t enter that conversation blindly. And having hope in the ability of our friends to learn from their mistakes is a good thing.


    i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you.

    and i’m glad you’re already mine so i don’t have to kill people to make it so.


    Jesus Monkey-loving Christ.

    What the FUCK is that?

    How much do you want to bet that he wrote those himself?


    I’m sure of it. In fact, there’s a witness to his building the site while in LA.

    My favorite part is the quote from “Samantha.” I’d love it if someone more technologically savvy than I could determine when it was made, since Samantha died back in the early or mid-90’s…

    The layers continue. This is just one. You’ve got to steel your stomach to keep going.


    I read parts and had visions of that person I used to be married to and heard snippits of conversations…creepy. I had to stop reading becasue I have a client in a minuts and I needed to get centered…
    ick, ick, ick…


    How much do you want to bet that he wrote those himself?

    It’s either that, or everyone who “posted” (that I managed to read…ick) has exactly the same voice when they write.


    I’m glad to hear someone else say that, too. It’s amazing. Not only is the tone the same, not to mention consistant with Mike’s LJ tone, but the grammatical patterns and errors are as well. AND they’re all the same grammatical mistakes he makes frequently.

    Convicted by is own poor grammar….classic. ;)

  11. I hate to say it, but I am so very not surprised. Which I am sad to admit. We all were hoping he was sincere, but now that Carlye’s leaving without him, he has no reason to try to fix things. After all, that’s the only reason he tried in the first place.

    My shirt is officially ripped, he is dead to me.

    Hey, wanna do some shots of grog and talk smack at Heartland? It really does help, I swear!


    I suppose the thought process must involve something to the effect of, if you can make others believe that you’re that cool, then it will start to become true. Because the masses are never wrong are they. ::snort::

  13. Oh my word. I think mostly, that you have offered a hand out in good faith, and that is a good thing. Having heart and faith and hope is a friend, and he and we are lucky to have you. I am especially glad that you will have each other to chat with about it at Heartland, company and cleansing.
    (and damn those sites, wow.)


    I would think what we see in those site is the thing Mike very desparately wishes that he actually was.


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