WAY OF THE RAT movie….starring JET GODDAMN LI.

From the Cannes film festival, a teaser poster for Way of the Rat:

Yes, that says “Jet Li” at the top.


(Story at RottenTomatoes.com)

For those of you who are not aware, Way of the Rat was a fan-fucking-tastic wuxia comic book produced by the now-defunct CrossGen comics.

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  1. The comic was fun–one of the best things CrossGen ever did, IMO.
    We’ll see if the movie actually gets made. I’d certainly go see it.

  2. No, just wushu movies (chinese MA movies with strong philosophical content). He said that he’s still willing to do action films.

  3. I know this is splicing hairs, but wouldn’t Way of the Rat be sort of wushu? I mean, yeah, it’s Zhumar and not Beijing, and there’s magic and ghosts and demons and dragons…ok, maybe not wushu by definition.

    I just can’t see it being a lot easier to do.

    And I will be absolutely heartbroken if Po Po isn’t done correctly. The store I used to buy the book at had a big sign with an arrow pointing to the latest issue that read, “Talking Monkey”. It was a sales point.

  4. was quite unhappy when WotR was cancelled.

    Strangely enough, my office is right next door to the former CrossGen office — the space was finally taken over this year by a student loan consolidation outfit, but the parking spaces still say CrossGen.

  5. Ah, man, CrossGen goodness . . . I still haven’t read the few issues of Negation War that were released since that mini- was never completed.

    Way of the Rat was a fun comic. And Jet Li, huh? Sounds good to me . . . Call Fandango and sign me up for a ticket sale!

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