A Good Cause

My friend James Wallis (he of Nobilis, Baron Munchausen and Once Upon A Time fame) is doing something quite cool.

He’s going to walk from Winchester Cathedral to Canterbury Cathedral, along the Pilgrims’ Way through Hampshire, Surrey and Kent, as the medieval travellers would have done it — with no maps. He’s doing it to raise money for Cancer research.

He’s got a blog about it, 120maplessmiles, which has been syndicated to Livejournal here.

The post wherein he explains what he’s up to, and provides links for pledges and such, can be found with this link.

Check it out, and if you can, pledge some ducats. It’s a very worthy cause, and being done in a very cool manner.

3 Replies to “A Good Cause”

  1. Very, very, very cool and most amusing to read. Dammit, but he makes me homesick (if I can use that word for a place I’ve only visited three time but felt so completely at home that I damnear stayed…especially when several people volunteered to sponsor me!)

    I am SO going to put this on my blog. Thanks muchly for posting it.

    And I really need to get a copy of Baron Munchausen as Bruce has never seen it! No really!

  2. Very cool. I have his Baron Munchausen game and he was kind enough to send me some Nobilis promotional postcards when Hogshead was publishing Nobilis, 2nd edition.

    Nice chap and a good cause.

  3. Thank you for posting this. Just pledged and will post this in my LJ as well.

    Cancer looms so very large in my family, so my heart goes out to him.

    But what a grand adventure!


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