KCRF stuff

…..and BANG! We’re off.

The cast list for the Chess Match was released today, and and I are on it. So, at the very least, we’ll be at KCRF doing that — first meeting is this Sunday A.M.

We’ll need to tell the Chess Match directors the characters that we’ll be portraying….which are the characters that we’ll be doing in a Lane Act with , assuming that our meeting with the E.D. goes well (and it’s looking very positive so far).

Very busy this weekend: Thursday is All-Call. I’ve been asked to teach Improv One and Improv Two for the Academy — which is this weekend and next. Plus Sunday’s Chess Match thing. Yikes.

This weekend, then: Thursday: All-Call in Independence. Friday: Academy 7 to 9pm-ish in Independence. Saturday: Academy 9a to Noon in Independence. Sunday: Chess Match rehearsal, 10 to 12:30 at the Festival Site in Bonner Springs….and then Academy in Independence from 1 until about 4-ish. Monday: Academy, 7 to 9pm-ish, Independence.

Yikes….and more Academy next Friday through Monday.

Busy busy busy.