Friday Music

Another week speeds by.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any of my own compositions. Hell, it’s been a while since I’ve completed any of my own compositions, so I’m pleased to give you two this week. These are the latest results of me kicking around with my studio gear:

@nubis – “Equinox.”


@nubis – “Midtown Fall.”

Hope you like ’em.

I discovered another artist this week — London’s own Amy Winehouse, who does a retro-soul kinda thing. Very 21st-century-Aretha-Franklin. I’m so enamored by what I’ve heard, that I’m giving you two of her tracks: Amy Winehouse – “Back to Black.” and Amy Winehouse – “I’m No Good.” Great stuff.

Smooth chill-out electronica from a Milanese group, The Dining Rooms, who do jazzy downtempo with a cinematic feel. The Dining Rooms – “Fluxus.”

Another of my favorite electronica tracks from Timo Maas, this time paired with the amusingly-named female MC, Chickaboo. Timo Maas – “Shifter (feat. MC Chickaboo).”

More new stuff — excellent electro-pop by a NYC-based group called Professor Murder, from the album Professor Murder Rides The Subway. Professor Murder – “Free Stress Test.”

I’ve posted tracks from Herbert before (and from his former Moloko band-mate, Roisin Murphy). Roisin, as usual, provides some vocal assistance on this track, just as he provided production assistance on her solo album — makes you wonder why they bothered to break up Moloko at all, given that they’re still producing music together. This track, like much of what they do, is some really catchy neo-disco: Herbert – “Moving Like A Train.”

Lastly — my brother (the Fisherman), emailed me this mp3 with the request that I post it, and with the admonition that I remember where I came from. Aye, sir. Salt in my veins. Here you go: Great Big Sea – “Wave Over Wave.”


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  1. makes you wonder why they bothered to break up Moloko at all, given that they’re still producing music together

    Roisin’s breakup with the former band mate Mark Brydon – both were romantically involved – might have had something to do with it, too. Which is sad, because I feel that I like Moloko’s first few albums better than Roisin’s solo tracks.

  2. I love this Amy Winehouse chick–but what album are these tracks from? The only full-length album listed on doesn’t have either of the songs you link to.

  3. Note: A snippet of The Dining Rooms’s song “Pure and Easy” (from the album Numero Deux) showed up on an episode of CSI (Vegas). To anyone who likes “Fluxus,” do yourselves a favor and take a listen to their other bits too. :)

  4. This is probably one of the more idiotic comments to your Friday music spectacular you will recieve in a while.

    I did my standard yearly pilgrimage to the Ag Hall of Fame location, to see my friend since back in the teenage rebellion days

    While wandering about the faire, mocking patrons and critiquing historical historical accuracy of timeline collisions,I was severely tempted to come up and say “thank you” for the music you put up, and to say how glad I was that you had not been dismissed from the cast, and just generally “devirtualize” as a person who reads your blog…but the thought of forcing you to break character, the doubt as to your willingnesss to meet on-line casual acquinatnces,and an overall lack of interpersonal skills stopped me.
    So, instead, I am leaving this comment, as proof of the situation actually taking place, and to express the things I already mentioned.

    Well, that’s about it. Thank you for being you. :))

  5. hey, apparently you know my friend Tex (you came up to say “hi” while we were at RenFest Saturday).
    I wish I was more boldly sleazy. I would have expressed how attractive you looked out loud…but I guess I’ll just have to settle for an LJ comment.

  6. pause*blink*blink*

    You’re ??? How funny! I’ve read mention of you on ‘s LJ. Good to meet you!!!

    And thank you. It’s always nice to hear we’re putting on a pretty show. =)

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