KCRF Fifth Weekend

The Good:

  • We’re back, baby… After the drama, unpleasantness and emotional exhaustion of last weekend had pretty much shaken our little group to the foundations, I am pleased to report that we hit the weekend at full speed, with the energy of a chimpanzee on crack….and even before the opening cannon had sounded, we were ON. Wonder Triplet Powers…..ACTIVATE! Form of: A Man-whore! Shape of: Two Delicious Dishes! We stayed at the top of our game for the entire weekend.
  • Fans of Casanova are now returning to the Festival and bringing me their friends for special treatment. They show up with a big grin and camera-ready, leading the unsuspecting victim right into my arms. These are always fun.
  • The weather was perfect (if a bit too warm), and the crowds were our largest yet: 16K on Saturday, and I’m guessing about 13-15K on Sunday. Tons of interactions, including one obviously smitten woman who came up to me three times in the course of about 15 minutes….the first time, I kissed her hand, and she got flustered. She then came back to me with her friends, and asked if she could hug me. I was impressed that she actually asked, so I allowed it, and was hugged with a slight ass-grab at the end. She came back AGAIN as they were leaving the area, and asked me if she could give me a kiss (“only on the cheek….I swear.”), which she quickly did.
  • Still getting used to the whole change from last year’s “old, fat and broken” feeling. Was stunned to learn that, apparently, my ass in tights was a topic of discussion at the Soup Kitchen. Not used to having one, this is an odd thing for me. Odd but good.
  • Walking up to said Soup Kitchen on Saturday and having , a performer I’d admired since I was but a sprout, greet me as his “fellow Limerick-er” from our interactions at Pub Sing. Well pleased with myself I was, and was puffed up for quite some time thereafter.
  • The gift of Raspberry Croissants on Sunday from , which placed me in the company of two Courtesans who were not only rushing on a sugar high, but all squishy and squee-y over how sweet he was for doing so. :)
  • Lunch this weekend, courtesy of — an appropriately Italian antepasti, with prosciutto, mozarella, pepperoni, olives, bread and pepperoncini. Perfect for the characters, perfect for the weather, and picturesque as well, if the number of photos taken of us is any indication.
  • The Washer Well Wenches playing with us at the Last Huzzah. Saturday they ran out and accosted me as crazed Casanova Groupies, and Sunday featured them smeared with Ice Cream, singing of its delights. Wonderful stuff.
  • Being able to witness being given her Wench Name. A lovely moment, and truly earned. Mistress Ingwer: Hoch soll sie leben!

The Bad:

  • My new boots started falling apart late yesterday. The right heel blew out, and is separating from the leather. Needless to say, after only 11 performances, this is unacceptable. I’ve already contacted the company and requested a replacement for the defective product.
  • The rumor mill. Normally, I’d laugh this off, but this particular rumor particularly disrespects (and , for that matter). It’s been said before: performance venues like this really are like being back in fucking High School, with all of the clique drama and gossip. Boo. For the record: Casanova is a character that I’m portraying. I’m not having an affair (hell, if I was, would be participating, fer chrissakes!). Enough of this bullshit.

The Ugly:

  • Nothing. Absolutely, blessedly, wonderfully…..NOTHING.

Two more weekends (plus Columbus Day) to go. This is going to be a difficult season to put back into the box.

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