Sneaking back in….

I guess he figures that five months is long enough, so he can start up again.

Showed our DVD of last year’s Bard’s Bouts to somebody last night, which already had me thinking of him, and *bang* there he is on my Friends page this morning. I really should have dropped him from the list, I guess.

His ghost has already been hard to shake, out at Festival. Despite the fact that I should know better…..I really miss him.

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  1. One can understand why. The positives of the person involved are quite that, so long as one can keep oneself at arms length from the negatives which are wrapped in that package.

    May you find a way to let go of the pain of what you experienced, and perhaps find a middle ground that will allow you contact, but from a position of emotional safety.

    You are surrounded by friends, you know, who love you well.


  2. I was thinking about him yesterday, too. I’d been searching for something in the archives of my email, and found some stuff he, Natalie, Emily, Carlye and I were passing around in March. Much with the nostalgia and longing.

    Interesting, too, that this is the week Carlye’s in town.

    I agree with Brooke that he probably didn’t post it unlocked on purpose.

  3. Something’s definately in the air. Hell, more than once, I’ve expected to turn around and see him coming up the lane at KCRF.

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