Happy Horrific Memories of Childhood

and I hit AstroKitty Comics on Tuesday, and picked up some goodies.

One of my purchases was Essential Marvel Horror, a 600-page black-and-white reprint of a bunch of classic horror-hero titles from the early to mid 70s:

Contained in the collection: GHOST RIDER #1-2, MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #12-24, SON OF SATAN #1-8, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #14, MARVEL TEAM-UP #32 and #80-81, VAMPIRE TALES #2-3, HAUNT OF HORROR #24-25, and MARVEL PREMIERE #27. Lots of Son of Satan and Satanna stuff. This was the sort of comic book stuff that I ate up as a kid — occult heroes: Doctor Strange, The Spectre, Doctor Fate, The Demon, Ghost Rider, Deadman, etc. All in groovy 70s glory. Dig.

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  1. I always loved…

    the comics that had ghost stories in them. I didn’t find them very often (not sure I knew about comic shops when I was a kid- I just knew what you could find in the grocery or convenience stores), but I LOVED it when I could….

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