The B.P.R.D. Wants You!

I’ve mentioned this to some of you, but here’s the official announcement. With away on weekends Limey-ing, we’re holding off on getting back into the Serenity RPG, since it wouldn’t be fair for her to have to miss it. So, in the meantime (and in honor of the season), I’m going to run a campaign of the Hellboy RPG from Steve Jackson Games.

WHO: Your characters are operatives of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. You can be literally anything. A Mulder-esque FBI agent, a psychic, a modern-day sorcerer, or even a strange creature who (like Hellboy or Abe Sapien) now works for the BPRD. You’ll be “bumping back” against the Things that Go Bump in The Night.

WHEN: Sundays, starting at 1 or 2ish, and wrapping up no later than 9. I’d like to get started this Sunday, if possible. Let me know if this is good for you.

WHERE: The Skarka Estate, in Lawrence.

WHAT: First session will be devoted to Character Creation and general mood-setting inspiration, including viewing of the new HELLBOY animated film (yes, I nabbed it, and I’m burning it to DVD along with a copy of Mike Mignola’s Amazing Screw-On Head, which is also inspirational) and the Director’s Cut of Guillermo Del Toro’s HELLBOY film. All you need to bring is yourselves, a character concept, some munchies/drinks (some will be provided, but the more the merrier), and we’re good to go!

WHY: Because it rocks on toast, and will be nifty-keen.

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  1. I wholly endorse this product and/or service. Please subscribe me to your newsletter…

    First, I’m very interested, but totally understand if this is just for folks who played in the Serenity game. [Did you know Into the Black finally came out?]

    Second, haven’t watched the animated film yet or seen The Amazing Screw-On Head, so would love to do both, even if the game is already full.

    Third, as I mentioned yesterday, I picked up a copy of the Hellboy RPG over the weekend and would gladly donate it as a communal player resource so you don’t have to keep passing around your copy.

    I can also bring the graphic novels I have if anyone wants to borrow them, including some of the BPRD stuff.

  2. Re: I wholly endorse this product and/or service. Please subscribe me to your newsletter…

    It’s not just for Serenity players. You’d be quite welcome.

    See you then!

  3. Re: I wholly endorse this product and/or service. Please subscribe me to your newsletter…

    I knew I forgot something – I will be out of town on Sunday, Nov. 12th, but otherwise my schedule appears to be open.

  4. Re: Can i get a bit…

    There are slight differences between the movie and the graphic novels (for one thing, the BPRD is a private organization, not a US gov’t agency….for another, it’s based in Connecticut, not Jersey). I was planning on being more comic-focused than film-focused.

    One of the things that this means is that Hellboy has currently quit the BPRD, to go walk-about.

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