New Year

It’s always amusing to note that pretty much everybody kicks off the New Year in the same way — spending the first day of the year sleeping late, feeling vaguely hung over from the night before, and feeling almost no motivation to leave the house or do anything at all.

So, yeah. Re-cap of 2006.

Pretty good year for me, all said:

  • Got married to a beautiful, hip, fellow geek (on, amusingly enough, one of the worst days, weather-wise, for the entire year).
  • Spent a year growing closer to some absolutely amazing people.
  • Dealt with some emotional drama, but on the plus side, the loss of one friend led to the strengthening of relationships with several others.
  • Re-connected with my faith.

Not a bad year at all.

Professionally? I didn’t progress at all on my literary plans. (Boo. But then again, scrapping your ideas and starting over tends to have that result). As far as the day job goes, though….goals met. More details over on , but short version: My goal, as stated this time last year, was to move Adamant permanently into the top 10 for PDF publishing. Mischief Managed.

What’s ahead for 2007?

With the previous year a rewarding one on the emotional/interpersonal front, this year is the one where I concentrate on the career.

Work proceeds on the novel, and I’ll be attending a conference in New York in July, where I will be sitting down in some face-to-face meetings with agents. That’s going to the big focus for the year. My hope is to come out of that conference with representation (or at least some good prospects), and to start work on getting a publishing contract before the year is out.

In the meantime, month-to-month work will continue with Adamant, with the goal of at least maintaining our position, if not increasing our standing.

As a sort of outward sign of inward change, to act as a visual reminder of my plans, I went to the salon and had my hair cut short. The long curly hair that reached to between my shoulder blades, that I’d been growing for the past 2 1/2 years, is now gone, replaced by the same short cut that I had when we lived in NYC. For those of you who haven’t already seen it, I’ll be posting some pics eventually….but in the meantime, I’ll say that it’s pretty damned close to the cut sported by Green Lantern over there in my userpic.

New year, big goal, new ‘do. Here we go….

6 Replies to “New Year”

  1. Yeah, from this side of the fence I’d say you had a good year. :)

    “I’ll be attending a conference in New York in July”
    Really? Cool! What conference? Need a place to stay? If so, the guest room is yours. If not, hopefully we’ll still find some time to get together while you’re here.

  2. 2006

    Meeting and getting to know you and the lovely Mrs. S was definitely a bright spot in a tulmultuous year.

    I am glad to know you Sir :)

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