J.J. Abrams to direct Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower?”

IGN is reporting that an announcement is forthcoming that J.J. Abrams (creator of “Alias” and “Lost”) will be directing Stephen King’s epic series, The Dark Tower.

There’s no indication as to whether they will be films or a TV mini-series. Personally, I’d hope for TV — the episodic format would fit the story better, in my opinion.

Wow. HBO doing Martin’s Song of Ice and FIre, and now this. All I need now is for somebody to film ‘s Gentleman Bastard series, China Mieville’s Bas-lag books, and re-launch a Conan film series, and I’ll have all of my favorite fantasy properties covered.

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  1. I know that it’s been optioned — heard that from Lynch — but there’s been no word on any go-ahead, that I’ve heard.

  2. I want to believe

    Yeah, I very much want to believe this and have seen press on it, but everything I’ve seen so far is very tentative stuff. I don’t doubt that Abrams and King’s people have discussed it (King has been speaking highly of Lost in his EW articles, and Abrams has done the same of King in EW articles he’s appeared in), and I personally think it would be nice to see someone besides Mick Garris tackle an SK miniseries.

    So, I have hope, especially if they get a movie sized budget for a miniseries project.

    By the by, if you haven’t checked out “Gunslinger: Born #1” yet, I’ll bring a copy to writer’s group on Thursday. You need it in your head. It’s beautiful.

  3. “and I’ll have all of my favorite fantasy properties covered.”
    Hm, I’m missing several, but I doubt they could do justice to either the Belgariad or the Riftwar saga. The Daughter of the Empire trilogy would be very cool, though. Mirror of her Dreams would just be twisted . . . yeah, I’ll stop now. :)

  4. Hell, I’d add the Elric saga to the list, if I honestly thought that it could be done live-action. However, I think that it would be damn near impossible to pull off the weak albino in any believable fashion.

  5. Wendy Pini was working on it as an animated project many, many moons ago in college with a classical score, but unfortunately it was too big a task and she ended up creating Elfquest instead.

    She did however put out a marvelous book with all her conceptual drawings and paintings. I used to own copy in another life.

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