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I’m currently reading this:

Very nifty stuff. A 300+ page book filled with direct how-to on Rodriguez-style DV filming, including a DVD-ROM filled with supplemental chapters in PDF and complete Adobe AfterEffects plug-ins for digitally-inserted muzzle flashes, ejecting brass and more.

Real nuts-and-bolts stuff, instead of theory. Fascinating, and more than a bit inspirational. Click the cover for more info.

Several cinematic concepts drifting through my skull that I might explore eventually — a 30s pulp piece, digitally graded so that it looks period; a good old-fashioned space opera; or my western-wuxia mix.

Funny enough, special effects have gotten so do-able via digital tech that my main concern isn’t the effects anymore — it’s the sets and locations (although a lot of that can be green-screened ala Sin City, but even that requires a large studio set to pull off well….).

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  1. Cool!
    I can see where sets would be a major issue, but I’d think acting and writing and directing would still be major concerns as well. If you don’t have a solid script and competent actors and a decent director, all the FX and props and locations won’t matter.

  2. Speaking of digital movies

    Speaking of Sin City, there was some interesting news at NY ComicCon. First, Frank Miller is going to be doing a film of “The Spirit” a la the tech used in ‘Sin City’ and ‘300’, and second, Producer Michael Uslan “mentioned that there should be an announcement from New Line soon about the Captain Marvel/Shazam project he’s producing for them which he said had been making great progress. He’s also really excited about The Shadow movie he’s developing with Sam Raimi, a character that had an obvious influence on Raimi’s 1990 film Dark Man. Uslan added that they’re determined to do it right, now that they’ve cracked the tone of the story and that writer Siavash Farahani is doing a “bang-job” at getting the screenplay together.”

  3. Well, I’m pretty confident in my scriptwriting abilities. Acting I’ve got covered with talented friends from KCRF. Directing? We’ll see, I suppose……

  4. That sounds like a fun book, and I mean to check it out.

    The problem is that it would be useless to me, because I wouldn’t have the inclination to make an action pic. I would probably end up making an art pic that was guaranteed to lose money. it’s why I keep my day job.

  5. Heh, I wasn’t saying you lacked these things, just talking in general. :) I’ve definitely seen some amateur films that had pro-level effects but wooden acting.

  6. I thought you knew. I’ve been granted a sabbatical next year to make a short film compositing Maya rendered animations on live footage. I can’t wait.

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