Very busy with work (major sale this weekend, major product release soon after)….so, nothing to submit to writing group, AGAIN. I need to get into a schedule and quit “prioritizing” — the fiction always gets shunted to the bottom of the pile. There’s always something else that needs doing.

Not attending the KCRF kick-off tonight. I won’t be performing, due to the no-exposure-if-I-can-at-all-help-it mandate from my doctors. Thought about going to see folks that I don’t usually see, and let them know what’s up….but that’s not going to happen. The presence of a friend whom I’ve alienated, and who apparently no longer considers me “a person” would make that far too uncomfortable. Additional stress is not recommended.

Generally feeling isolated and depressed. Far too common this year.

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  1. Yeah.

    I just left my local funnybook store. As I was pulling out of my parking space, I saw someone who was formerly the closest friend I had in this city walking in. Part of me wanted to stop the car and say hi. The rest knew it would be a bad idea because the friendship died in 2004 and nothing good would come of it.

    Wish you were near, man.

  2. It is tough to feel separated from friends and to worry about the way other people may be talking. Sorry about the stresses of the year thus far. The good news is, there is alot more year to go, and so plenty of time for improvement. If you do check out the community theatre scene, I am sure that you will be making many new excellent friends in no time flat. :)

  3. The isolation must be horrible, especially when made worse by the no-exposure rule. Must be really tough to have to choose between physical health and mental health, in effect. If you’re prone to S.A.D. anyway, I can’t help but feel that you need a second opinion on the no-exposure thing. Or maybe you just need to build a really big conservatory, big enough to do outdoor stuff in, like play soccer and throw frisbees and put on plays…

  4. I am not going to the meeting either. I figure that after finishing my move today I am too exhausted to be able to find the pleasure in such an event. Maybe later. So, I will hope that a bunch or people tell us about how it is all the same. Bleh.

  5. My offer to come play at the fence (inside it, with Seymoure, under a cover of some sort) when you feel like it still goes. Oh, and did I mention, you should get a handicapped hang tag for your car so you don’t have to walk in the sun from the far end of some parking lot? A friend of mine had one for that very reason!
    Would love to see you as soon as you feel like it.

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