Friday Music

Been so busy, I almost forgot to post this. Sorry, but this week is a short one (due to the previously-mentioned busyocity).

First up — a fun one, for my fellow children of the 70s, who sat enraptured while viewing Battle of the Planets on TV. A dance remix of the theme tune, with samples from the show: (Edit: No direct-click on this one — copy and paste the link, and it’ll work fine.) Cuban Boys – “Battle of the Planets (remix)”

Next, here’s a new group that’s being described as the Duran Duran of Norway — and listening to them, you can definitely tell that they’re drawing their inspirations from Simon Le Bon et al. New Violators – “Runaway.”

Another new group that is mining the synthpop past is the London-based Pleasure, whose second album, Pleasure II features this track, which I’ve been enjoying quite a lot: Pleasure – “Out of Love.”

Annika Trost is a German musician whose new album, Trust Me, features songs in German, English and French. I really like her sound — sounds like hip lounge-pop, like something that could be featured in the soundtrack to one of George Clooney’s “Oceans” movies. Trost – “In Diesem Raum.”

Lastly, I know that I posted this before, sometime way back there, but screw it — I love the mix of swelling strings, orchestral beats and spy guitar. Hooverphonic – “This Strange Effect.”

Back to work for me. Enjoy!

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