Bordain For Teh WIN!

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Last night was the “Food Network Awards”, the latest loop in the downward spiral of the Food Network. For pure comedy gold, read chef Anthony Bordain’s take on the entire sad spectacle.

Alton Brown is pretty much the last thing that I watch on the network, and I’m a serious cooking nut. I share Bordain’s derision of no-talent non-chef Rachael Ray (or “Ray-tard” as she has been dubbed here at the Skarka home), and sadly, that’s the direction the Food Network is headed. Not a lot of substance left on the schedule.

Bordain’s show for the Travel Channel, “No Reservations” is pretty nifty, though, even if it doesn’t involve cooking instruction….but the whole “go to a location somewhere in the world, and eat what the locals eat” thing is pretty cool.

Plus, he’s a smart-ass sarcastic New Yorker. Hence, I loves me some Bordain.

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  1. Re: What?

    What I mean is that yes, I like Alton Brown — and he’s the only thing that I still watch on Food Network. I used to be addicted to that channel, but they’re shows are such crap now, that Alton Brown is the last thing that I’m still watching.

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