The Dragon Is Slain

25 years ago, in September 1982, I picked up the following magazine in a little bookstore in Westhampton, NY:

That issue, arriving so close to my introduction to gaming, sparked my imagination, and I began a decades-long relationship with Dragon Magazine. For a while there, I was a regular reader, and often a subscriber.

Today, Paizo Publishing announced that their license to publish DRAGON and DUNGEON magazines is not being renewed by Wizards of the Coast, who will be moving that sort of content to online delivery from their own website. The magazines will publish their final issues in August.

On one hand, that might be good for ePublishers like me. The 800-lb. Gorilla is validating the worth of online content delivery. It could lead to a wider acceptance among gamers, which would make them more likely to look at content produced by folks like me.

On the other hand, something that comprised a big part of my past is going away. Sucks.

EDIT: Well, SHIT. I also hear that Tom Moldvay passed away last month.

Writing Meme

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Tell me about a story I haven’t written, and I’ll give you one sentence from that story.