Time Warner To Set U.S. Postal Rates?

This isn’t a “sexy” issue, so it’s not going to get media attention….but it’s another example of the corporate feudalism that we’re forced to live with….and the opportunity to act is on a tight deadline:

Tell the Postal Service Not TO Stamp Out Independent Media!

The United States Postal Board of Governors recently proposed to implement an unfair increase in periodical rates — one that will have grave consequences for independent media.

In making this proposal, the Board of Governors rejected a plan from the U.S. Postal Service itself, and instead adopted a different plan — one proposed by media giant Time Warner. Time Warner’s plan locks in privileged low rates for bigger companies, and places a huge new burden on independent publishers.

Click here to submit a public comment opposing this plan before Monday, April 23! Tell the Postal Board of Governors: Reject Time Warner’s plan, and save independent media in the U.S.

*** Please share this message with everyone you know who cares about the future of independent media in America. ***

(Thanks to for bringing this to my attention.)

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