Made of Awesome

On campus for novel work.

Been listening to Internet Radio — specifically Flashback Alternatives — alternative music from the 80s. Playlists full of the stuff I listened to at the time, which hasn’t yet been co-opted in false nostalgia by everyone else yet (Sorry — despite the fact that you sing along to them on the local pop station’s “Totally Awesome 80s Weekend”, you didn’t listen to Modern English or The Cure at the time. No, you listened to Journey, Michael Jackson and the other top-40 crap, and probably beat up kids who listened to the stuff you now claim to love…..but I digress).

To demonstrate the amazing goodness that is Flashback Alternatives, here are the most recent songs played:

Gary Numan
“The Joy of Circuit”
Soft Cell
Killing Joke
Depeche Mode
“Something To Do”
Bronski Beat
“Hit That Perfect Beat [12″ Remix]”

As the subject line says, Made Of Awesome.

Doesn’t really fit what I’m working on, though. Time to switch over to SomaFM’s Secret Agent.