The Perfect Answer

Now that Congress has passed the Iraq War funding bill, containing a deadline for troop withdrawal, I expect that the right-wing noise machine will be filled with the whole “Defeatocrats cutting and running/harming the troops” meme.

To which I have the perfect response. Feel free to use it in conversation with your local wingnut, online, or in letters to your local paper:

“Well, gosh — The President told us that we won this war four years ago. Isn’t it time for our victorious soldiers to come home? I mean, after all….the President wouldn’t make a mistake like that, or lie to us, or flip-flop on his opinion, right? We won. War’s over.”

Made of Awesome

On campus for novel work.

Been listening to Internet Radio — specifically Flashback Alternatives — alternative music from the 80s. Playlists full of the stuff I listened to at the time, which hasn’t yet been co-opted in false nostalgia by everyone else yet (Sorry — despite the fact that you sing along to them on the local pop station’s “Totally Awesome 80s Weekend”, you didn’t listen to Modern English or The Cure at the time. No, you listened to Journey, Michael Jackson and the other top-40 crap, and probably beat up kids who listened to the stuff you now claim to love…..but I digress).

To demonstrate the amazing goodness that is Flashback Alternatives, here are the most recent songs played:

Gary Numan
“The Joy of Circuit”
Soft Cell
Killing Joke
Depeche Mode
“Something To Do”
Bronski Beat
“Hit That Perfect Beat [12″ Remix]”

As the subject line says, Made Of Awesome.

Doesn’t really fit what I’m working on, though. Time to switch over to SomaFM’s Secret Agent.

General Updatery

1) The Wizards game is definitely a no-go. Ah, well.

2) I had an appointment with my Oncologist today, which I was a bit freaked about — I was sure that she was going to order another terrifying PET scan. Turns out, though, that this was an exit interview, basically — making sure that everything was copacetic with me before telling me that we were done. A quick check-up, a recommendation for a dermatologist to help me keep my eyes out for any possible recurrance, and Bobsyeruncle. I’ve officially come out on the other side.

3) Minion has won a book award from Mount Holyoke, one of her choice schools — book awards are run by school alumni and honor outstanding high school juniors for their scholarship and community involvement. She has also received a targeted, non-form, personal recruitment letter from YALE. Fucking YALE. Her combination of high national test scores (including the National german and latin tests she took), stated interest in International Relations and PoliSci, her Model UN and legislative paging experience, as well as her being in the district’s gifted program all brought her to Yale’s attention, apparently. The good news is that if she manages to get in, they’re telling us that “families making less than 45K a year are not asked to contribute financially to the cost of a Yale education.” Crossing my fingers and toes for her on this, as you might imagine.