Tech JOY!

Hit a nifty discovery today.

The Phillips upsampling DVD player that I picked up a while back also plays multimedia files.

Which means that if I don’t feel like converting bittorrented AVI files into DVD-video to burn discs (a process which takes a little while), I can just burn the AVI files direct to DVD-ROM as a standard data disc — and the player will still play them.

I’ll still convert the my “grade A” stuff to DVD-video (new Who, Spooks, etc.), but it does mean that stuff that’s old enough that the quality doesn’t get any better (Tomorrow People, for example, or various Spaghetti Westerns and Kung-Fu movies), or stuff that I’m just grabbing to watch and not necessarily keep, can just be bulk-burned to data discs, and I can still watch ’em.


FunnySad, part 2

I always find it amusing when somebody who has been a dick to me publicly, made broad pronouncements about “not letting the door hit me in the ass on my way out”, and has generally (supposedly) written me off….

…still apparently reads my journal, and gets worked up enough to post about it.

If I’m so fascinating that he can’t stop reading, he’s more than welcome to post comments and questions here. I’d happily answer.

Somehow, however, I’m expecting silence.