has declared it National Draw Yourself Day!

Sounded like a fun thing to do over my lunch break. So:

“Activist Judges”

Funny how the Right is always bloviating about “activist judges” whenever issues like gay marriage are on the table…

But there’s deafening silence from them when the conservative majority on the Supreme Court rips the guts out of Brown vs. the Board of Education.

Sure, they didn’t actually overturn the landmark anti-segregation decision — that would be a scandal even the Corporate Media couldn’t ignore. So instead, they merely made it irrelevant by their new decision.

Again, 5-4. Get used to that number, kids. It’s going to be the sound you hear repeatedly as more and more of the cornerstones of this nation are blown away….

Follow-up: White House refuses subpoena

Here we go, folks:

Bush is claiming executive privilege, the White House won’t turn over the papers, and Harriet Miers and Sara Taylor will not testify.

Positive sign: The AP is actually using the phrase “moving toward a constitutional showdown” in the first sentence of the story.

Negative sign: CNN has buried the story over in the “latest news” colum, below “Divided court rejects school diversity plan” and “High court blocks Texas killer’s execution,” and right above “Town mourns cheerleaders killed in crash.”

Next up — Contempt of Congress charges, which would have to be enforced by the Justice Dept., which is at the center of this whole mess already……and then a court battle over Constitutional authority, which will go to the Bush-stocked Supreme Court.

Expect that nothing will come of this. It’s official — we no longer have a Legislature.