The Senate Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed the White House, Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, the Justice Department and the National Security Council for documents relating to the warrantless eavesdropping program.


Of course, this just means that the shit is going to hit the fan, because (to directly quote the story) the White House gave no indication that it would comply.

Can you say ‘Constitutional Crisis?’ I knew that you could.

We’re heading to a precipice, folks — exactly the nightmare scenario that people feared would occur during the Nixon administration: That Congress would exercise its Constitutional authority of oversight, and the President would refuse it. Even Nixon was smart enough, in the end, to back down and resign. Bush is certainly not that smart, and Cheney (who, as the Washington Post has fairly conclusively revealed is actually the de facto ruler of this country) is far too authoritarian to come under heel.

I fully expect the corporate media to portray this question of pure Constitutional authority as ‘partisan politics’ on the part of the Democrats, too. Can’t tell the Sheeple that there’s a battle going on against an out-of-control “unitary executive,” after all. That’s way too scary.