Taco Hell

For and other afficianados of The Bell:

An essay on Salon.com from a Foodie, reflecting upon Taco Bell, its origins, its food, and questioning why it apparently thrives in a country where Hispanics are now the largest minority group, and where genuine Mexican food can be found in almost every suburb and city…..

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  1. I feel obliged to defend my honor here by clearly stating that while I love Mexican cuisine AND Taco Bell (Taco John’s too, while I’m at it), I do not consider them to be the same thing. *Thbbt*

  2. Back in the day, a fellow with whom I went to college (name eludes me, Matt something or other – hung out with Steve Haight) mentioned he was going to “Toxic Hell” that evening. And that was the pretty much the extent of the info. In my brain, I thought he was referring to some dance club in Lawrence which had a cool name. To this day, my lovely wife teases me about my naïveté. I guess if the shoe fits…

  3. yes… YES.. now it is all coming back to me! You know, for not doing drugs or anything, I sure have a hazy memory of the early 90s. Must have been the trauma induced by grunge music.

    By the by, (late) Happy Birthday!

  4. Because Taco Bell is open until 2 AM, which is when potheads get cravings and nothing else is open.


    My partner used to work at a Taco Bell. They used to do okay business, but did huge amounts of their business from about 10 PM on, and most of it was to people who’d clearly spent too much time at the bong, and didn’t get motivated enough to go out and get something to eat while everything else was still open.

    Anecdotal, but apparently something that everyone, at all the stores in the area knew, and from things his management said, it sounded like the company even knew it, and built a business model – unofficially – around it.

    Cheap, crappy food totally hits the spot when you’re stoned, apparently, and it’s even better if you don’t have to fix it yourself.


  5. I’ll back you up on this – my wife and I are notorious food nerds who are very picky about "real" Mexican restaurants (and she’s from California, too boot), but we both like Taco Bell as well.

    I mean, the double-decker taco? GENIUS.

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