Speaking to Spel….

I received the latest copy of Spel! (the magazine of the Dutch gaming association) in the mail on Saturday:

Inside, there’s a two-page profile of me, and a review of some of Adamant’s products. Very nifty! Odd to see yourself quoted in a language that you don’t read….

Thanks to Maurice Strubel for conducting the interview.

5 Replies to “Speaking to Spel….”

  1. Int’l Man of Mytsery

    “There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures…and the Dutch.”
    -Nigel Powers, “Goldmember”

    I kid the Dutch. Congrats on the writeup!

  2. I imagine it’s even cooler in Dutch, the language that English speakers can almost read if they squint right and consign themselves to feeling like something out of Monty Python.

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